Rx: Exercise?

I just ran across this website called Exercise is Medicine yesterday and can’t help but write about it here. I love the idea of getting health care providers  to evaluate a persons health by their level of physical fitness as well as all the other tests they run. Exercise can be medicine too. Increasing a person’s physical fitness level can be a great way to prevent and treat certain chronic diseases.

The mission statement of the organization is to increase the awareness of the benefits of exercise and to increase medical professionals standards of physical activity. They have created a large resource and guiding force for fitness professionals to collaborate with health care providers to work toward that goal. Its a well developed site and I’m a little surprised I have never heard of it before now. I’m looking into a graduate program on applied exercise physiology and this idea of exercise as medicine is one of the main reasons that I’m interested in studying more about the promotion and biomechanics of exercise.

Exercise physiology is a field that has been a little slow to build but, its momentum is gaining. With so many focused on developing new drugs, I like the idea of finding other, more preventative solutions.  Exercise physiologists’ research can include the affects of aging, rehabilitation, and the overall health benefits of exercise.

If you are interested in some simple guidelines on how or if it’s safe for you to start an exercise program check out the Exercise is Medicine website.

If you are a fitness professional interested in promoting exercise and collaborating with other health care providers wanting to prescribe exercise check out the Exercise is Medicine website for a complete source of information on how to start the conversation.


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