Sarah Lehman received her BFA from the Ohio State University where she studied dance performance and choreography as well as pre-physical therapy. She is currently studying applied physiology of exercise at Teachers College of Columbia University. As a certified Pilates mat teacher, Sarah incorporates her extensive knowledge of the moving body with the discipline of Joseph Pilates to teach her students how to exercise safely, efficiently and effectively.

The exercises are structured around the movement of the “powerhouse” or the core. A strong center is not just beneficial for dancers and athletes; it relieves back pain, it makes every day activities easier, it can help prevent minor injuries. The core muscles help with stability, strength and balance. With Pilates, you can feel good about your body and learn how to take care of it while getting into better shape.
Life gets busy and overwhelming, but this type of exercise is a chance for you to do something for yourself. The concentration and focus will help take your thoughts away from the marathon of everyday life.

Pilates is low impact and modifiable- you don’t have to be an exercise expert to start. There are modifications to make it work for every unique body. It is easy on the joints and can be customized to whatever level you are at currently.

Private Pilates sessions will focus on your needs. The individual attention to the details of the movement ensures that you are doing the sequences correctly and targeting the appropriate muscles.
The beauty of Pilates mat work is that all you need is your own body. These sessions are designed to teach you the Pilates method of exercising so that you can take it home. Gaining knowledge of your own body and how it is designed to move will enable you to practice on your own and you will begin seeing and feeling the results. As Pilates stated himself, it “is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace, and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, in the way you play, and in the way you work.”

To contact Sarah, email her at sarahlehmanmovement@gmail.com!


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